Embracing Cloud First Methodology

Laura Cruz, Global CTO, MDC Partners

Embracing Cloud First MethodologyLaura Cruz, Global CTO, MDC Partners

A Leap Giant towards the Cloud

Even though challenges exist, cloud computing is an important part of the foundation for future digital supply chain platforms. Advances in technology, cloud computing capabilities and consumer behavior are driving a transformation in the way all businesses are delivering content to their clients. Digital distribution over the Internet of every type of media demands an infrastructure that is scalable, cost flexible and agile. Cloud computing, if done right offers such fundamentals.

At the most basic level, cloud computing allows users to obtain computing capabilities through the Internet, regardless of their physical location or device type, and regardless of the underlying infrastructure we are building in the corporate world. In addition, cloud computing provides speed to market in a way that traditional solutions cannot.

At MDC we are embracing a cloud first methodology. Doing so requires careful planning and forethought, with an emphasis on ensuring robust security and redundancy measures are in place. Through the right selection of cloud providers, we are able to deliver highly dynamic and scalable solutions and content.


Cloud computing can prove to be a real advantage for content delivery. With an infrastructure that can expand or contract as needed, cloud computing in a media and entertainment environment can help companies efficiently scale whenever needed to meet peak demands.

IoTs: New Dimension in the Industry

Wikipedia’s definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing like devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. Essentially, there are billions of people with a growing number of people who own a growing number internet connected devices – smart phones, fitness bands, thermometers that can be reached from a smartphone, music devices and tvs that are controlled from the internet, etc. All these devices make up the IoT.

This new technology mega trend which is starting to explode will affect change in everything we do from defining our “personal lives”, enabling workplace productivity, and consumption in general. In addition to the new and innovative ways of reaching people and getting messaging across, there’s a huge market for the reams of data that are being collected. Data Analytics and making sense of it all is going to explode in the marketplace, and consumer based companies are going to need partners to help make sense of it all.

I personally am a sucker for all the technologies that are currently available in the IoT space, from wearable devices to home appliances. Companies are focusing on the IoT as a driver of incremental revenue based on new products and services. This can only mean good things for our space.

Welcoming Changes

Don’t be afraid of change and don’t be afraid to not own it all. Change is the only thing in our world that we can guarantee, and sometimes, change gives us enhanced services and less stress, such as with Cloud Computing.

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